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1 Thanks to Wehrenberg for all the space they've given us in their various locations to promote the Variety Children's Theatre production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Our signs are just about as ubiquitous as the smell of... Read More »
This video was made for two audiences. Those who want to know more about what Variety does. And those who want to see kids having fun. (Luckily, they're usually the same.) scene shot
  on FOX2 Variety kids who participate in our Children's Theatre learn a lot about what it takes to put on a show. Including doing publicity. Which they nailed this morning. Watch here. Don't forget, Disney's Beauty and the... Read More »
We've reached the end of the Olympics. And the end of our daily Team Variety Olympic updates. Thanks to all the Adventure Campers who inspired this series. 31
Representing all the "track" events with this Team Variety Olympic post. 27


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