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Sony Pictures has collaborated with Variety - the Children's Charity of the United States to create limited-edition pins featuring two iconic characters from The Smurfs. As always, proceeds from the Gold Heart Pins campaign will benefit Variety programs that... Read More »
Last week, we had a post that included a parent's letter about his son's involvement with Variety Children's Theatre. For those having trouble reading the text, try this.   Lara, Jan and Julie— Last year, after Brendan’s first show with VCT, I wrote you a... Read More »
Wanted to thank Kemper Home Service Companies for their recent donation. Their "Casual for a Cause" event raises money from employees who pay to wear jeans on certain days throughout the year, and they made Variety the recipient of their 3rd quarter... Read More »
We're just 8 days away from this year's Bikes for Kids event. Honorary Chair Lucia Rosenbloom will, as always, be there for one of the most frenzied, most rewarding days of any Variety year. *
Hope you'll indulge us another Beauty and the Beast recollection. This one's too good not to share: *  
In which we thank everyone for their support. 
Sara Stackhouse has come a long way from being a Camp Counselor for Variety. And she credits her experience with Variety kids for getting her where she is today: at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas getting a Masters of Science in Prosthetics and Orthotics... Read More »
Our Variety brethren in Great Britain helped make it possible for a child from Hull to come to St. Louis for surgery that's allowed him to walk for the very first time. While Louie and his family were here, we were happy to host them at our Beauty and the... Read More »
We now have a presence on a website called Note the three Os in the name. They describe themselves as the first inspirational community marketplace for people with disabilities and their families, with a mission to improve lives by enabling easy... Read More »
Variety kid Holly's part in Beauty and the Beast is just part of this nice story about her.


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