Emerson Resource Center

Emerson Resource Center-

Gives parents of children with disabilities the ability to communicate directly with advocates who can connect them to help with housing, transportation, education, recreation, funding, and other support. This referral service is supported by books in addition to connections to service providers.

Also under the Emerson Resource Center:

Variety Family Educational Day-

A once-a-year full day educational program featuring speakers on topics pertinent to families and care givers. For more information contact Robin@varietystl.org

Sibling Workshop-

Offers siblings of kids with special needs a chance to share experiences/concerns/frustrations with peers. Open to kids 12-18, this program is run by professionals from University of Missouri-St. Louis’ Center for Behavioral Health. Monthly sessions run October-May. Contact Robin@varietystl.org for details.

Pedia Pals-

Outreach project where Variety staffers visit pediatrician offices to outline the various programs Variety offers. To schedule a visit with your practice, contact Misty@varietystl.org.