Gracie's Story

When you first meet Gracie and her family, you’ll notice that they are full of smiles and laughter. They share stories of Gracie’s first few classes at college, and reminisce about the times Gracie dazzled on stage and had a blast at summer camp.

If you ask about their day-to-day life, their smiles don’t really fade. But they’ll tell you about how Gracie needs help with just about everything. From brushing her teeth in the morning, to eating each meal, to being stretched three times a day – Gracie relies on her family for many things most her age take for granted.

Since Gracie was diagnosed with cerebral palsy before she was a year old, she has required countless therapy sessions and special equipment to reach her full potential. And Variety has been there every step of the way.  

We were also there for her first camp experience, and many following, watching her make lifelong friends. It was on Variety Theatre’s stage that Gracie found her passion for acting, and flew as a monkey in The Wizard of Oz. Now, as Gracie ages out at 21, Variety is sending her off with new orthotics, a new power wheelchair and memories that will last a lifetime - the tools she needs to continue to make the impossible, possible.

The families that are part of our organization count on Variety, and supporters like you, for moments both big and small. Please consider donating so that we may continue to make things possible for kids like Gracie.

Click here to watch how Variety makes the impossible, possible for Gracie and her friends Olivia and Will.

“You can always count on Variety” – Kim, Gracie’s mom