Renowned Civic and Corporate Leaders

The Variety Board of Directors boasts some of the most renowned civic and corporate leaders in the St. Louis area.

Larry Otto, Chairman

Past Market President – US Bank – Retired

Junta Directiva

Larry OttoPresident
Steve CrimminsVice President
Marilyn FoxVice President
Thelma StewardVice President
Steve GrossSecretary
Leslie WilsonTreasurer
Warner BaxterMember
Amy BestMember
Ian CasoMember
Joe CastellanoMember
Laura EllenhornMember
Donald FergusonMember
Sean FlemingMember
Mary Kaye FortMember
Cheri FrommMember
Ray GruenderMember
David HoganMember
J. Christopher Kerckhoff, JrMember
Lee KlingMember
Mike LeftonMember
Davida LichtensteinMember
Dr. Kerri MorganMember
Brandon MoritzMember
Robert O’LoughlinMember
Terri OwenMember
Lucia RosenbloomMember
Bevis SchockMember
Paul ShaughnessyMember
Zac SmithMember
Kimberly SpringerMember
Michael StaenbergMember
Caitlin StayduharMember
David StewardChairman Emeritus

Life Members

Honorary members elected by a majority vote of the board. Life members may attend board meetings and serve on committees, but may not serve as officers. They do not have voting privileges.

  • Kimmy Brauer
  • Jim Byrnes
  • Nancy Diemer
  • Cliff Eason
  • Margie Imo
  • Mark Koritz
  • Nancy Kranzberg
  • Chip Rosenbloom
  • Ozzie Smith

Each officer will hold his/her office until a successor is elected or until resignation or removal. Any number of offices may be held by the same person except those of president and secretary. Only members of the board may be chosen as officers. Assistant secretary and assistant treasurer may also be elected by the board of directors. Officers’ terms are for three years. Vacancies in any office will be filled by the board for the remainder of the term. Any officer may be removed by the board when it serves the best interest of Variety.

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