TherHappy Kids

If you provide a child with special needs with equipment, but don’t pair it up with the therapy to get the most out of that equipment, the work isn’t finished.

That’s why Variety offers TherHappy Kids, which makes it possible for kids to get the physical, speech, or occupational therapy (or some combination) they need to get more out of their equipment, and more importantly, more out of their life. 

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Maria has a motor speech disorder called apraxia that disrupts the messages her brain sends to her lips, jaws, and tongue to form sounds, syllables, and words.

Words like Maria.

You see, Maria can’t say her own name. Yet. Her parents are determined to get her to that day. And say she’s determined to get to that day.

And she’s making good progress, thanks to her involvement in Variety’s TherHappy kids program. 

You know the last line from that one song from West Side Story? “The most beautiful sound I ever heard, Maria.”

“Maria” will never be a more beautiful sound than when Maria can say it herself.