Back to School with Camryn

The last time Camryn, who is 11 years old, attended in-person school was in first grade. In 2017, he was diagnosed with a neurological disorder that caused him to lose his vision as well as his ability to walk and speak independently. Since then, he has not been stable enough to go to school – until now.

Thanks to a new medical stroller, provided with help from Variety, Camryn headed back to school to start fifth grade this year. The medical stroller makes it safer, easier, and more comfortable for Camryn to take the school bus and to spend the day in class.


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Zion’s Super Cool Ride

When Variety Kid Zion cycles through his neighborhood on his daily adaptive bike ride, the air is filled with shouts of “I like your bike!” and "Cool ride!" He smiles, laughs, and rides on, proud that he is finally riding a super cool bike of his own.

You see, Zion hasn’t always been able to ride a bike. He has challenges that make riding a standard, two-wheeled bike difficult. But thanks to a new adaptive bike from Variety St. Louis, he has made big strides towards independence.

Back when Zion first received his adaptive...

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Wyatt’s Back to School Supplies

When Variety Kid Wyatt started middle school this year, he had many supplies on-hand, including pencils, books, a backpack, and more. He also started the year with a new tool – an insulin pump – and, with it, a new sense of freedom.

In May, Wyatt was diagnosed with diabetes. And with this diagnosis came a decrease in his independence.

Wyatt is a pediatric stroke survivor who experiences weakness on the right side of his body, including his right hand. Because of this, he is completely dependent on others to provide...

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