Why Variety Theatre – Ruby and Leah’s Story

Every year, Variety Theatre brings together kids and teens of all abilities in an inclusive Children’s Ensemble to perform alongside a professional cast for a magical and inspiring production. Our “Why Variety Theatre” blog series highlights the stories of some of the fantastic Variety Kids and Teens at the heart of the show.

Variety Teen Ruby and Variety Kid Leah are not just castmates in Variety Theatre this year – they are sisters! Ruby and Leah are both in the Variety Theatre Children’s Ensemble for the first time, and they can’t wait to take the stage.

For Ruby, she is most looking forward to meeting new people in the theatre world, including those who may have various “disABILITIES,” as she says.

“Variety Theatre will help me become more open-minded about others who have different challenges,” says Ruby.

Leah is looking forward to learning a new skill in acting. “I hope to learn to do better facial expressions and to be able to express mine more because I struggle with it,” Leah says. 

Both girls also hope that Variety Theatre will help them continue to build on self-esteem they have established after being in our Variety Children’s Chorus last year. As part of the chorus, they sang at Dinner with the Stars and performed the evening’s finale alongside Sting. It was this performance that, in part, gave the girls the confidence to audition for our theatre program – and they are looking forward to gaining even more self-esteem in the musical theatre spotlight.

“Theatre will help me become more confident because the stage is so BIG,” says Ruby.

“I’m looking forward to performing in front of a BIG crowd,” says Leah. “I hope it will help me realize that I can do hard things."

The girls say that taking on these new, sometimes scary, experiences is easier because they have each other.

“It is exciting to share such a special experience together,” they say.

You can see Ruby and Leah, and the rest of the talented Children’s Ensemble, this fall in Variety Theatre’s 2019 production, Mary Poppins. Tickets are available now for October 18 – 27 at the Touhill Performing Arts Center!