When Meghan Smiles, You Smile With Her

Take one look at Meghan’s grin and your heart will melt. Her smile seems to be the biggest when she’s meeting new people, spending time with Mom and Dad, or laughing at her big brother’s goofy ways.

Variety, with the help of our donors, recently provided Meghan and her family with some equipment, including a Soft Sitter and a P Pod, that helps her do all of those things and more.

The Soft Sitter allows Meghan to sit up while still keeping her safe and secure. This helps with everything from getting Meghan dressed in the morning, to enjoying time with family and friends. Because the Sitter’s straps and headrest are adjustable, it will also be able to grow with her.

An unexpected benefit of the Soft Sitter is a simple one – it can be detached from its base and moved to other places around the house, meaning that Meghan can now sit at the dinner table with her family. Although this may not seem like much to some, being involved in something as simple as a family meal means the world to Meghan.

The Sitter is also transportable, making trips to see family in Colorado much easier. “We can use it in so many places and in so many ways,” says Linda, Meghan’s mom.

The P Pod, another piece of equipment the family recently received, is an even more comfortable option that still supports Meghan where and when she needs it. Described by Linda as a “bean bag on steroids,” it is extremely helpful when it comes time for Meghan to simply relax, or enjoy playtime.


Toys suspended above the chair on a moveable device help Meghan practice therapy by reaching above, and also opening and closing her hands. The family also uses it while watching movies, so that Meghan can be just as comfortable as everyone else.

In addition, Variety has provided Meghan with much-needed Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFOs), or braces, as well as Speech Therapy sessions. She has also received a Stay Safe Bed, as well as ramps to help her family move her in and out of her home.

“It’s like Christmas every time Variety comes,” says Linda.

“Just make sure everyone knows how grateful we are,” adds Vince, Meghan’s dad. “Not to over exaggerate, but this has been a life-changer.”

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