Variety's Promise to Madi

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When Madi was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a young child, doctors said she would have a chance at walking if she had access to necessary medical equipment and therapy. Variety then made a promise to Madi that we would do whatever we could to give her the opportunity to take a step.

Madi has since received four walkers, two standers, two strollers, a power assist wheelchair, a set of canes, a WalkAide and about 10 pairs of orthotic braces from Variety, all designed to provide increased mobility. Variety also covers many of Madi’s physical therapy visits, where she builds up her strength, balance and endurance. And Madi has also participated in our Variety Theatre and Adventure Camp programs – both of which have given her confidence in herself and the motivation to keep moving forward.

All of this led up to one day just a few months ago when, at the age of 14, Madi took her first unassisted steps.

“There are really no perfect words to describe how proud and ecstatic we were,” says Traci, Madi’s mom. “Most people wait a year for their baby to walk. We just had to wait a few extra.”

Now, nothing can stop Madi, whose self-esteem and independence just continues to grow.

“Variety is a huge help in Madi’s everyday life,” says Traci.

And that is the power of our promise.

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