Variety Theatre Tech Tuesday – Sound Designer Intern

Each week leading up to Variety Theatre 2019, we’ll be marking “Tech Tuesday” with a special spotlight on this year’s Variety Theatre Interns. These interns will partner with a theatre professional to work behind the scenes, bringing the magic of Mary Poppins to the stage.

Variety Theatre’s sound designer interns work hand-in-hand with Sound Designer Rusty Wandall and his team to create the sound for the show, assisting with the soundboard and working with sound effects.

This year’s sound designer intern is Variety Teen Jake, who is visually impaired. Music is a big part of Jake’s life – he plays keyboards and electric guitar, and he has been involved with jazz band, a percussion group, marching band, a theatre production and choir. In his free time, Jake can often be found playing or writing music.

Jake hopes to one day turn this passion for music into a career. He plans to attend Webster University in major in sound production and he hopes that being a part of a professional production will help him excel in his major.

“I am excited to work with professionals in the area of sound design,” says Jake. “I’m looking forward to learning the technical parts of sound design and having it all become part of a production.”

Jake continues, “I am grateful for the chance to be a part of the sound team with Variety Theatre. I hope it will give me some experience and help me reach my goals.”

You can hear Jake’s hard work this fall during Variety Theatre’s production of Mary Poppins, taking the stage at the Touhill Performing Arts Center October 18 – 27, 2019. Tickets are available here – reserve your seat soon, one of our shows is sold out!