Variety Teens Get Creative

During our second week of Teen Adventure Camp 2019, our Variety Teens got to experience something completely new – fashion design – thanks to a couple of fantastic partners.

Our friends in the Fashion Department at Washington University’s Sam Fox School of Design joined us on Wednesday, July 24 to lead a fun workshop. During this workshop, Variety Teens created t-shirt designs simply using markers, paper and heat.

Throughout the day, we saw tons of creativity from the campers. Designs ranged from camper names to flowers to favorite characters to comics and so much more. They loved making t-shirts that were uniquely their own!

The shirts were created using special dye sublimation markers that allowed each designer to simply draw their artwork before it was transferred to a t-shirt using heat. Local digital manufacturing company Coastal Pro generously donated five packs of these awesome markers to ensure that all of our campers had a great experience.

Thank you, Sam Fox School, for leading this great workshop – you gave our campers a chance to learn a new skill. We’d also like to thank Costal Pro for making it easy for the campers to show their colorful creativity! Because of these partners, our campers made more awesome memories at camp.