Variety Makes Teletherapy Possible for Quentin

Variety Kid Quentin is five years old and is essentially non-verbal, meaning his language skills are very limited. He works hard during speech therapy sessions to learn new words and gain the confidence to speak more often.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Quentin recently lost access to his in-person therapy sessions. Since starting to shelter in place two months ago, he had already started to regress.

So, Quentin’s mom, Heather, reached out to Variety and applied for assistance through our TherHappy Kids program, which was recently expanded to include telehealth therapy sessions. Quentin was matched with a therapist through our new partner, E-Therapy, and has since been attending regular sessions and has started to improve once again.

During his sessions, Quentin does a number of exercises. He feeds a bear, listens to interactive books while working on specific words, takes over the screen for various games and more! Each activity is designed to help Quentin by making learning and practicing speech fun.

“Continuation of speech therapy is essential for Quentin’s long-term development,” says Heather. “It helps keep all of his speech efforts fresh in his mind. The more he is in therapy, the more he tries to use words at home.”  

But, without Variety’s assistance, Quentin likely would not have access to these vital therapy sessions. Heather shares that her business has shut down during this time, so the help is greatly appreciated.

“While I’m fortunate to still have some income from other sources, it is still an uncertain time,” says Heather. “Variety has ensured that we don’t have to choose between Quentin getting therapy and something else.”

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