Variety Makes Driving Possible for Lana

For a teenager, there is really nothing like the freedom and independence that comes with driving a car. It can take you to school, to work, to a friend’s house – wherever you want to go!

That’s why Variety Teen Lana is determined to drive. But, because she has mobility challenges that require her to use special hand controls, Lana can’t go to just any driving instructor.

So, Lana has been working with an occupational therapist to learn how to drive a vehicle modified to fit her needs.

During her therapy sessions, provided with assistance from Variety’s TherHappy Kids program, Lana learns how to drive by using modified hand controls on the steering wheel. Her therapist, Mike, started her out by testing different controls to see what she felt the most comfortable with, and is now continuing to help Lana with her driving skills.

Lana’s car was recently updated with the preferred controls she selected during therapy. She’s looking forward to driving to school for her senior year next year, and then plans to drive it to college!

The level of independence this will bring Lana is unparalleled, and her family is grateful that Variety was able to make it possible for her.

“Variety’s assistance helps our family with the financial support to allow Lana to get the professional driving lessons she needs,” says Angi, Lana’s mom. “Mike has been nothing but exceptional and compassionate with Lana’s struggles and frustrations as she learns to drive. And he has supplied us with the knowledge we needed to make a well-informed decision on what type of equipment was necessary to make sure Lana would be successful at driving.”

Variety truly makes the seemingly impossible, possible for Variety Teens like Lana! You can help us make more amazing things possible for area children and teens with disabilities at Thank you!