Variety Families Enjoy the Music of Anita Jackson

On Saturday, February 2, patrons filled the seats of the Sheldon Concert Hall to enjoy the sounds of Anita Jackson, who was making her Sheldon series debut with a tribute to jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald.

Among the audience were four Variety Kids and their families. These families were in attendance as guests of the Nina Needleman Charitable Fund, which sponsored the event.

Other audience members included children and families from other local organizations, also guests of Nina Needleman.

When asked why she chose to donate seats to these families, Nina said, “All kids deserve positive experiences! I believe that having opportunities and support while growing up will help them realize their abilities even as adults.”

Nina also sits on the board of the Sheldon Concert Hall and Art Galleries, and shared that the Sheldon as a whole is working to make the arts more accessible to all. “Opening this concert to these kids and their families was just one step in that direction,” Nina said.

Our Variety families truly enjoyed Anita Jackson’s performance, and we’re sure that it will be an experience they won’t soon forget. Thank you, Nina Needleman, for providing this opportunity and thank you to the Sheldon for welcoming our families!