IV's Every Day PossAbilities

When Variety Kid IV first heard the news that he would be playing Winthrop – a principal character – in Variety Theatre’s upcoming production of The Music Man, he couldn’t quite believe it. Although he dreamed he would one day land a role like this, he wasn’t sure it would be possible due to his speech impediment. But, at Variety, we’re all about making dreams come true, every day.

Being a part of Variety Theatre has greatly increased IV’s confidence in himself. He feels accepted as part of the cast, which has helped him believe in his own abilities and raise his voice.


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We're Still Here Every Day: Performing Arts

The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for us all, but especially Variety Kids and their families. Children with disabilities are vulnerable to the coronavirus, and many Variety Families are reeling from the long-term economical and emotional effects of a global health crisis. But Variety has been right there with them – a constant in a world that has changed so much.

Thanks to our supporters, Variety has been able to provide uninterrupted access to crucial services. Each of our programs has pivoted to continue serving Variety Kids and their families in new ways. In our “We’re Still Here Every Day” blog...

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Lars's Every Day PossAbilities

Imagine if all you wanted to do was play, but you couldn’t even take a step. And if you tried to share your story, but no one could understand you when you spoke. Or if you dreamed of enjoying your favorite meal, but you couldn’t taste it.

These are all challenges that Variety Kid Lars was born with.

Walking, talking, and eating are basic functions that many people expect to be able to do every day. But doctors prepared Lars’s mom, Katie, for the possibility that he would never be able to walk independently, speak...

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