Tiara Trades in Her Carriage for a Stroller

Tiara’s name fits her perfectly – her mom, Sara, says “She’s our little princess.”

But you won’t find Princess Tiara riding around in the usual princess carriage. Her mode of transportation is even better!

Her new hot pink stroller, provided with help from Variety, gets Tiara everywhere she needs to go. From outings with family to visits to the Variety office to say “hello,” this stroller is the perfect size to go anywhere.

Tiara has a vision impairment, has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and experiences seizures. Sara and her family adopted Tiara one year ago, and the family has been inseparable ever since – which is why this stroller is so important.

“With the stroller, we can fit all five kids in the car,” says Sara, which means they get to spend more time having fun together as a family. With a large wheelchair, seats have to be folded down or taken out so that there is not enough space for everyone in one vehicle. But, the stroller can be easily folded and stowed, leaving room for all!

The stroller is also adjustable, so Tiara will be able to fit in it even as she grows. This is extremely important to young children like Tiara because equipment is expensive, especially if families have to keep replacing it with larger versions.

But that’s one of the reasons Variety is here – to provide kids with disabilities with the equipment they need, even as they grow. So, when Tiara does outgrow this stroller, you can bet we will be there!

“We really appreciate everything you guys do,” says Sara.

If you’re interested in learning more about our equipment program, click here.