Thumbing through the past


Harvest Moon program

Want to acknowledge, and thank, Joan Plessner, of Carlsbad, CA, for sending us this piece of Variety memorabilia.

Joan's dad was a principal at the Plessner & Johnson ad agency in St. Louis, which, after many changes, ended up as TBWA Kerlick Switzer.

Anyway, the Harvest Moon program Joan gave us is an amazing look back at mid-20th century St. Louis, when phone numbers still began with Jefferson, Evergreen, or Chestnut. When addresses had a "postal zone" and not a "zip code." When KTVI was WTVI and showed a "Million Dollar Movie" most nights at 10:15pm. When Harry Caray was "St. Louis' Leading Sportscaster." And when the Belcher Health Club, "The home of the famous Belcher Water," could be found on Lucas Avenue.

Also back then, Variety was known as the Variety Club, and its major community project was supporting the St. Louis-St. Louis County Day Care Nursery Program, funded in part by events like the Harvest Moon Festival. (Surprisingly, the cover doesn't indicate that 1954's headliner was singer Eddie Fisher.)

It was nice of Joan to contact us before just tossing this in the trash. She has our gratitude.

If you happen to have anything Variety-related, especially from before the 1980s, and you don't want it, we may. Just shoot us an email, or call 314-720-7706.