Variety Theatre Tech Tuesday – Stage Manager Intern

Each week leading up to Variety Theatre 2019, we’ll be marking “Tech Tuesday” with a special spotlight on this year’s Variety Theatre Interns. These interns will partner with a theatre professional to work behind the scenes, bringing the magic of Mary Poppins to the stage.

Variety Theatre’s stage manager interns team up with Stage Manager Joy Addler and her team of assistant stage managers to observe and assist with rehearsal duties, working with the rest of the production and intern team to help create a fantastic show.

Our 2019 stage manager intern, Gwendolyn, is thrilled to take on her first role in professional theatre.

“While I have a fair amount of experience in high school theatre, it is extremely different from professional theatre,” says Gwen. “I believe that this internship is an incredible opportunity for me to see what professional theatre is really like.”

Gwen has been involved with six high school productions at her school. She was the lighting crew chief for Elephant’s Graveyard (2016), Midsummer Night’s Dream (2017), and Don’t Drink the Water (2019). She played Juror #6 in Twelve Angry Jurors (2018). And she served as assistant stage manager for Boys Next Door (2017) and The Crucible (2018). She has a true passion for theatre, and is hoping to combine her high school experience and her professional experience with Variety Theatre to start a career – her next goal is to study stage management in college.

When asked what she is looking forward to the most about her time with Variety Theatre, Gwen says, “I am looking forward to getting closer with all of the interns and the people involved in the production. I am also really looking forward to watching this show grow and evolve into an amazing final product!”

“I get to do something I love with the people who also love it, which is always exciting” Gwen adds.

You won’t see Gwen on stage this October, but you will be able to see the hard work she and the stage management team will pour into what is sure to be a great production. Get your tickets now to see Variety Theatre’s Mary Poppins at the Touhill Performing Arts Center October 18 – 27, 2019.