Stand with Variety Kids this Giving Tuesday

Imagine doing everything for your teenager, from combing hair to blowing noses to even just standing up.

That’s the case for Sheli and Todd and their twins, Zach and Matt, who are seventeen years old. Both have cerebral palsy, severely limiting what they can do on their own.

“I don’t get any days off,” says Sheli.

Sheli and Todd have to be by the twins’ sides 24/7. But Variety has been there, changing their lives for the better. At Variety’s Adventure Camp, the twins spend time with friends without their parents around. At Variety Theatre, Zach has built confidence while performing on stage. And countless pieces of equipment ensure they gain necessary skills and independence, all working together to provide not only mobility, but possibility.

With the help of two power wheelchairs that can stand, Zach and Matt are able to stand on their own for the first time. They cook meals in the microwave and speak eye-to-eye with their friends and coworkers. They finally know a life with independence, and that’s making a big difference for them, and for their parents.

With your help, we give Zach and Matt, and other Variety Kids and Teens, the chance to be more. More independent. More confident.

And to stand tall.

Your generosity means kids and teens with disabilities get equipment and programs that give them the confidence and independence to do things on their own. This Giving Tuesday, and throughout the giving season, give to help Variety Kids at