Silas Finds a New Friend at Camp

Silas loves Variety’s Adventure Camp. Through Camp, he has been given the opportunity to participate in so many new experiences, from rock climbing to ice skating to playing baseball. His favorite activities are swimming and “playing chase” with the other campers.

This past summer, Silas met a new friend named Theo while at Camp. Theo is also a Variety Kid and the boys quickly became close. Then, over winter break, they both attended Winter Adventure Camp – and Theo was waiting for Silas to arrive because he was so excited to see his friend again.

Now, the boys’ moms have exchanged numbers and they are looking forward to play dates and community outings together.

“Although Silas is not able to express his feelings, he gets very excited when I ask him if he wants to play with Theo,” says Jennifer, Silas’ mom. “As a mom, it is exciting to know that Silas has a peer, much like himself, that he can play and laugh with. They both have similar interests and it is a joy to watch.”

Jennifer also says that this friendship has been great for her as well. “Not only did Silas gain a friend, but I also connected with another mama who has a very similar experience as I do,” she shares.

This friendship is made even more special by the fact that Theo is Silas’ first true friend outside of his family. He sometimes has a difficult time connecting with other kids, but not at Adventure Camp!

“I truly believe that Adventure Camp has been a blessing for Silas,” says Jennifer. “He gets to go so many places and do so many other things with kids who are much like him and he can just be ‘normal.’ It’s not often that he gets to be ‘normal’ in a group of peers his age.”

And this is the magic of Adventure Camp. It gives local kids with disabilities the chance to be among peers with similar experiences, making friends while having new and exciting adventures.

Registration for Summer Adventure Camp and Teen Camp 2019 is open until 9 a.m. on Monday, January 14. Click here for more information and to register today.