Selah is Worthy of a Crown

Variety Kid Selah recently co-hosted Dinner with the Stars 2018, one of our biggest events of the year. She took the stage alongside Variety Teen Chris and hometown comedian Joe Torry to share inspirational stories and introduce performances from the Children’s Chorus as well as the evening’s headliner, John Legend.

If you attended the event this year, you may have noticed that Selah donned a tiara and sash in addition to her beautiful dress. The sash read “Missouri Miss Amazing Preteen,” an accomplishment Selah had just recently achieved.

Selah is thrilled to have won this honor, but not because she gets to dress like a princess. She is looking forward to using her title to help bring awareness to how people with disabilities should be treated, and to continue to spread the word on her platform from the pageant – worth.

“I want people with special needs to know that they are worth more than anything in this world,” says Selah. “That they matter just as much as anyone else.”

When asked what advice she would give to other kids with special needs, Selah adds, “Never think you can’t do something just because somebody else says you can’t.”

And we know that there isn’t anything Selah can’t do. She has been a part of Variety for 11 years, having received access to equipment and therapy and the opportunity to attend Adventure Camp. She has also been a part of four Variety Theatre productions – perhaps most notably for taking flight in her role in our 2013 production of Peter Pan. Selah has also performed with our Variety Children’s Chorus, and appeared on the runway to sing and dance with her family during Runway Lights Fashion Show.

Selah shares that taking part in both our Adventure Camp and Performing Arts programs has increased her confidence and helped her feel included. She especially loves being a part of Theatre because her dream is to become an actress.

“It (Variety Theatre) gives me the opportunity to express myself and take part in something I love doing – acting,” says Selah. “It also gives me the ability to do all that without feeling like I have to hide myself because everyone here is so welcoming.”

Her mom, Roben, adds, “The love from the Variety staff and volunteers is evident in all they do. The welcoming environment has given us a support system that we are forever grateful for.”

Congratulations, Selah, on being crowned Missouri Miss Amazing Preteen! You are truly worthy of the title.