Samson’s Favorite Sound

Variety Kid Samson, or Sam, is almost 12 years old. He loves ice cream, Chik-fil-A, his cat Music, going to the park, and all things Disney.

For some time now, Sam has been dealing with the challenges of hearing loss. He sits at the front of the classroom, turns up the TV to high volumes and struggles to connect with friends.

This has all started to change, thanks to a pair of hearing aids provided with assistance from Variety St. Louis.

These hearing aids are making a big difference for Sam, and he can tell that they make his life a little easier.

“They help me hear,” says Sam.

“When he first tried them on at the fitting, Sam didn’t love having them put in,” says his mom, Cindy. “But when they took them out to adjust settings, he said, ‘Wait, turn them back on!’”

Now, Sam is able to watch the Disney movies he loves, especially Beauty and the Beast, hearing every word of every song. He often asks his Echo Dot to play “Tale as Old as Time,” and smiles when he can hear it easily from across the room.

Sam is also able to talk to his friends more, both inside the classroom and out.

“I can hear what the kids are saying now,” says Sam.

And the hearing aids are also giving Sam a sense of freedom and independence. He can now sit wherever he wants in the classroom because he can hear his teacher from anywhere, thanks to an FM system that connects to the hearing aids. The FM system also makes it possible for Sam to hear his teacher while in big crowds, such as during a school assembly.

Out of all of these new and better sounds, however, Sam does have a favorite. If you ask him about his preferred noise, he exclaims, “ROAAARR,” imitating the Beast with an infectious grin on his face.

“What you guys do for kids is amazing,” says Cindy, her smile mirroring her son’s. “Thank you!”