A review of "Speechless," from someone with special needs

We asked former Variety kid Mallory to write a review of the new ABC show, "Speechless." Here it is, in advance of episode 3, "B-O-N–BONFIRE," which airs tonight at 7:30 on Channel 30.


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I have really enjoyed both episodes of "Speechless". As a person with a disability, I can really relate to many things that have been covered in this show. As in the first episode, I also have experienced using many "acceptable alternate access ramps".(Teehee! That was funny!!) The second episode made me rather emotional. It showed how others like J.J.'s school aide, Kenneth, do care and can help you too, even though your parents often feel they are the only ones who know how to help you. Although my mom takes excellent care of me all the time, I think it is good for parents to see, as J.J.'s mom did with Kenneth, that others DO care and know how to help sometimes too.

I appreciate the way my mom fights for me like J.J.'s mom does for him. I realize one of the reasons my mom is very protective of me is because of my difficulty speaking. She wants to make sure my voice is heard and that others understand that I know what I'm saying.

My parents have sacrificed many of their wants just to provide things I have needed. J.J.'s whole family did the same for him by moving to a different school district, in a not so nice house, just so he could go to a school that's good for him. The show does a good job showing how this change effects J.J.'s brother and sister too.

I feel this show is good for everyone to see so that they can better understand the challenges that people with disabilities face, that they might not otherwise realize. I am really looking forward to seeing where else they take this show. I am always ready and waiting for the next episode!!