Purina Mutt-i-grees at Adventure Camp

This summer, our Adventure Campers were introduced to a new program called the Mutt-i-grees Curriculum, thanks to our partners at Purina. The curriculum focuses on social and emotional learning as well as self-awareness and even teamwork.

Through books, games and times spent with therapy dogs from CHAMPS, our kids learn all about how to treat others through learning how to treat animals. By gently playing with the dogs and not “bullying” them, the campers become more aware of how they should interact with classmates, friends and family.

Campers are also taught how to read emotions in others as well as how to better express their own feelings, things that some of our children find challenging. For example, by first demonstrating how a dog wags his tail when he is happy, curriculum leaders can then talk to the group about how a person smiles when he is happy.

Finally, the curriculum teaches campers that it is okay to be you, and to be a little different. It shows them that every dog is good at different things – some dogs are good at running, some are good at swimming, etc. – just like kids are unique and have their own abilities.

Purina provided a wide range of resources for the program, including a curriculum binder filled to the brim with great activities and ideas as well as bags for the campers and books to read aloud.

Thank you, Purina, for bringing us this fantastic curriculum! It is a unique and fun way to teach our kids to be the best they can be. You can read more about Mutt-i-grees here.