Order a Pizza and Help a Variety Kid this September

Craving the Square Beyond Compare? This September, you can satisfy your craving AND help local kids and teens with special needs by ordering from Imo’s Pizza.

Throughout the month of September 2019, Imo’s Pizza is supporting Variety Kids by donating a portion of proceeds from every extra-large pizza sold to Variety St. Louis. This is part of their “Care Beyond Compare” program, which has already given $2.1 million to Variety Kids, thanks to help from the fantastic St. Louis community!

By purchasing an extra-large pizza this September, you are empowering Variety Kids to live amazing lives by providing access to vital medical equipment and therapy services, as well as the opportunity to participate in innovative Camp and Performing Arts programs.

So head down to your local Imo’s – or order online – and get an extra-large pizza before the month is out! Any toppings will do, it just needs to be an extra-large size to match your extra-large heart. 

Thank you for your support!