Oliver’s New Hearing Aids are Music to his Ears

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When Variety Kid Oliver saw his brand-new hearing aids for the first time, his smile spread from ear to ear. He couldn’t wait to try them on and see what they could do!

“It brought me to tears when I saw him light up at the sight of his new system,” says Erin, Oliver’s mom. “He was so excited to be able to answer his amazing audiologist’s questions about how loud or quiet he wanted his new hearing aids.”

This new system, provided with help from Variety, comes with a ton of fancy new features that will help Oliver hear everything from his family to his music. One feature is a wireless microphone, which someone can use to speak to Oliver across long distances or in a loud room.

“He had me call him to dinner using the system,” says Erin. “He was in the basement and I was upstairs and he heard me loud and clear – when he got to the top step, his smile was priceless, and he said, ‘I heard you mom, I heard you the first time!’”

Another cool feature of the new hearing aid system is that it can connect to various devices via Bluetooth. This makes is possible for Oliver, who can’t use headphones, to hear music and sounds from his devices directly in his ears.

“He loves that no one is yelling at him to turn his iPad down because it is too loud,” says Erin.

These updated technologies will help make life a little easier for Oliver and his family. And the updated fit is sure to be more comfortable for him as well. Erin is grateful that Variety St. Louis was able to provide the new hearing aid system for her son.

“I am so thankful that Variety granted this opportunity for Oliver,” says Erin. “He said thank you over and over!”

Thank you to all of our supporters who continue to make it possible for Variety Kids like Oliver to live amazing lives!