New Technology Helps Libby Hear

Libby is about as active as they come. She likes to try every sport and activity she can find, and she doesn’t let her hearing loss get in her way.

When it was discovered that Libby was losing her hearing at a young age, it took a while for doctors to find the perfect solution. In the end, it was determined that a cochlear implant in one ear and a hearing aid in the other would be the best path to take.

Libby has had the same hearing aid since she was first diagnosed – which was when she was about three years old. Since then, not only has Libby’s hearing changed, but technology has advanced as well. That’s why Libby’s new hearing aid, which she recently received with help from Variety, is extremely important.

“We are so thankful,” says Anne, Libby’s mom. “We had heard about Variety, but had no idea that they do everything they do.”

The new hearing aid has an updated design, making it fit more comfortably in Libby’s ear. It is also more secure and, along with a new, adjustable strap, makes playing sports and games a little safer and easier.

The device also has a ton of new features, including Bluetooth capabilities. This means that Libby will now be able to listen to music and movies, and even take phone calls, via her hearing aid. Before now, she couldn’t do any of this easily, because she isn’t able to use headphones. In addition, because the hearing aid connects to a smartphone app, users can use their phone to turn the aid off and on, adjust volume, and more, eliminating the need for a separate remote.

At school, Libby will also be able to better connect to a Multi Mic using her new hearing aid. The Multi Mic is either placed on a table or worn by a teacher, sending sound directly to hearing aids, and making it easier for students with hearing loss to listen and engage in class.

In the spring, Libby will also receive an updated cochlear implant that will have similar capabilities. Paired together, the hearing aid and the implant will make hearing even easier for Libby, especially in today’s technology-driven world.