Nabeel’s New Wheelchair Allows Him to Grow

The thing about kids is that they grow. There’s a reason they seem to need a new pair of shoes every other week, or their ankles can sometimes be seen peaking out from under their pants.

This doesn’t change for a child with special needs. Much like all growing kids need new clothes and shoes, kids with disabilities need new equipment as they age as well.

Nabeel, who is eight years old, is growing seemingly at the speed of light. Because of this, his old wheelchair had become too small for him. Not only can this be uncomfortable for the child, it can also be unsafe. When a child cannot be secured properly in his or her chair, travel becomes an issue, even if it is just on the bus ride to school.

Recently, Variety and our donors were able to provide Nabeel with a larger chair better suited for both his growing body and his needs. The chair can easily be adjusted into various positions of laying down or sitting up, and a tall handle makes moving him even easier for family and others who help him.

Hibah, Nabeel’s mom, shared that she is so grateful for Variety. The family moved to St. Louis from the country of Jordan just two years ago. They left their home because, as Hibah says, there wasn’t enough assistance there for her children. Nabeel’s younger sister, Carol, also requires medical equipment and therapy. In Jordan, they weren’t able to obtain these necessities, or even go to school.

“I had never seen a wheelchair like this before moving here,” says Hibah. “We were actually using a regular stroller before we came.”

Now, Nabeel loves his wheelchair. One of his favorite places to go is to school, where he has a great group of friends and fantastic teachers. Hibah says that the weekends are actually hard for him because he wants to go to school so badly.

We don’t know many eight year olds with this big of a passion for school, and we are happy that we are able to play some role in getting Nabeel there, even as he continues to grow.