Miracle Makaylyn

Before Makaylyn was even born, she was diagnosed with a gene mutation so rare that only 90 other girls had ever received the same diagnosis. Her parents were told that she might not make it to birth, or long after.

But, now, Makaylyn is almost four years old. And it is all because her parents refuse to give up on her.

Makaylyn cannot walk, sit up or crawl just yet – she is too weak to use her legs or her arms and she has very limited head control. But her mom, Brittney, is hopeful that she will improve with the help of therapy as well as various pieces of equipment.

The only problem is that this equipment isn’t cheap, and it isn’t all covered by insurance. Brittney also shares that she only just recently started working again because, when Makaylyn was first born, she needed care at all hours of the day.

“The biggest deal is how expensive things are, and we don’t get help with it,” says Brittney.

That was until she found Variety. Thanks to help from our donors, Variety St. Louis has been able to provide a car seat and a Leckey Activity Seat for Makaylyn, and both have already made a big impact on her life.

The car seat swivels out of the car, not only keeping Makaylyn safe, but also making it easier to load her into the vehicle. Her activity seat supports her and keeps her comfortable, making it easier for her to eat and hang out with her family. The seat is so comfortable, in fact, that Makaylyn fell asleep, and stayed asleep, for all of her photos.

When asked what she will do as Makaylyn grows up, Brittney says, “I don’t know what we’ll do, but we’ll figure it out.”

It helps that their current equipment is built to grow as Makaylyn does. And, when she does grow out of it, or if she needs something completely new, Variety can be there again.

“To have Variety is truly a blessing,” says Brittney.

If you’d like to donate to help Variety Kids like Makaylyn, please visit HelpAVarietyKid.org. If you, or someone you know, could benefit from our durable medical equipment program, click here.