Mia: Future Tennis Star

You might be looking at a future tennis star! Mia loved trying out the sport at Adventure Camp over the summer, and is excited to start lessons soon. And now, with the help of Variety and our donors, these lessons will be a little easier.

Tennis players need to move across the court quickly to get to the ball, and Mia’s brand new sports wheelchair from Variety will help her do just that. Mia is eager to show off all that her wheelchair can do, speeding around and turning on a dime. She says that she is happy in the sports wheelchair because it not only allows her to go faster, it also gives her more stability when making these quick movements.

Mia has not always needed mobility assistance. A couple of years ago, doctors discovered that she had undiagnosed Addison’s disease. This disease damaged parts of her brain, as well as some nerves, which caused her to lose the ability to walk on her own. Mia’s mom, Christy, shares that this can be tough on Mia – she is still getting used to needing help.

It is for this reason that getting back into a sport is exciting for Mia. For a while, it has been difficult for her to participate in many activities due to the bulk of her day-to-day wheelchair. Having the smaller, lighter sports wheelchair makes things easier, allowing Mia to become stronger by using fun activities, such as tennis lessons, as a form of therapy.

Most importantly, the sports wheelchair will allow Mia to get back to just being a kid. We hope to one day see her at the U.S. Open!