Mia is Free to Go Wherever She Pleases

Mia is all about the accessories. It’s rare that you’ll find her without her cute headbands, fun sunglasses and fashionable jewelry. But it’s her newest accessory that’s giving her the ability to go wherever she pleases.

Her new FreeWheel, provided by Variety St. Louis, is an all-terrain wheel accessory for wheelchairs that allows the user to traverse almost any surface. From grass to dirt trails to gravel to snow to sand, this wheel can roll over obstacles with ease.

It will allow Mia to easily join her friends and family on vacation, at the park and even at Adventure Camp! Camp was the first time she really got to see what the wheel could do, and she was not disappointed.

“I can go anywhere – it’s really fun,” says Mia.

Before, Mia used to have to find accessible routes, like sidewalks, often taking the long way around instead of a direct path. She’s also missed out on some fun times just because her wheelchair couldn’t make it over certain obstacles.

“It’s weird that something so small can make such a big difference, but it does,” adds Christy, Mia’s mom. “The little things mean a lot to Mia.”

But insurance doesn’t always realize how big of an impact these little things can have on a family. The FreeWheel, in fact, was not covered at all by Mia’s family insurance plan, because it was not deemed medically necessary. And the same is true for some of the other equipment Variety has provided.

“We really appreciate all of the help from Variety,” adds Christy. “Without it, we wouldn’t have half of the equipment Mia has now.”

Mia’s FreeWheel is just one accessory in a variety of equipment Variety St. Louis is able to offer to children with special needs in the St. Louis area. If you, or someone you know, are in need of equipment, click here.