Meet Glinda the Good Witch(es)

Many of our cast and crew in Variety Children’s Theatre form close bonds. After all, they spend hours and hours together preparing for, and performing, the show.

For this year's production of The Wizard of Oz, however, two of our cast members already have a special connection. Julie, who will play Glinda, is the vocal coach for Holly, one of our Variety Kids in the Kids Ensemble.  

The two have been working together since 2015, and Julie actually helped Holly prepare for an audition to play Glinda in a school production. Holly landed the roll, and Julie shared that she basically learned her part on her own from there. “I have instant memory,” added Holly, who also has a beautiful voice and can sing in Italian and German, as well as English.

Holly is also blind and autistic, but that doesn't deter her from dreaming of being on stage. She loves being in a lead role, and thoroughly enjoyed playing Glinda. “Everyone can see and hear me,” she explained. “And my costume was like a princess!”

Holly went on to add that her favorite part about being in this year’s VCT production of The Wizard of Oz is that her voice teacher is playing Glinda. And, because Holly will play a Munchkin, she and Julie will get to share the stage.

Julie has a history with Variety, and actually volunteered with the organization when she was a teenager. She was also in the ensemble for VCT’s 2015 production of Mary Poppins. “I love the kids, I always have,” said Julie.

She almost was not able to participate in VCT this year due to scheduling conflicts, but she’s glad everything worked out. She’s happy to be back working with these fantastic kids, and thrilled to be a part of the production.

“Everybody involved is excited all the time,” Julie said. “It kind of humbles you a little because, sometimes, you remember how much work everything is and you forget the joy. But, here, you can never forget the joy.”

You, too, can experience this joy and see the two “Glindas” perform together on stage. Tickets are still available for Oct. 19 – 22 at