Making Virtual Camp Possible for Evelyn

For Variety Teen Evelyn, Variety’s new Virtual Adventure Camp program was a welcome respite from the doldrums of quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only was she able to make fun crafts, sing songs, play games and more – Virtual Camp gave her the chance to reconnect with friends.

“By the time she went through the different activity ‘rooms,’ she ran into old leaders and fellow campers and was just smiling for the rest of the day,” said Carolyn, Evelyn’s mom.

This was one of the first chances Evelyn had to spend some quality time with friends in months, and Carolyn shared that it has made a huge difference.

“It’s been so hard for her to be home with just mom and dad as companions,” Carolyn said. “I felt like her social skills were regressing. It was good to see her interacting with others.”

 “I can tell you all have put a lot of thought into this camp,” she added. “Thank you!”

Variety’s free Virtual Adventure Camp and Teen Camp programs, hosted on the platform, have made it possible for local kids and teens with disabilities, like Evelyn, to have fun while staying safe at home. All materials, from markers to scissors to craft supplies, needed for the entire camp session were mailed to each camper in advance. Also included were the instructions and material lists for each activity so that campers could finish their projects on their own time, if needed, and so that siblings could join in as well.

In addition, a morning and afternoon session were made available to all campers so that parents could choose a time that worked best for their schedules. By keeping the sessions to just over three hours and encouraging campers to log off and return at any time if needed, Variety avoided overstimulation and lack of participation.

In all, our first Virtual Camp has been a success, with many parents echoing Carolyn’s comments about how much their children have loved having the chance to still go to Camp, see friends and have a great time.

But, like all of our programs, Virtual Adventure Camp would not have been possible without you, our generous supporters. Please consider giving to ensure we are able to continue providing Variety Kids with the tools and programs they need to stay happy, healthy and safe during these times. Click here to donate now. Thank you!