Making it Possible for Ben to Stand Tall

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Variety Kid Ben has been diagnosed with quadriplegic cerebral palsy – all four of his limbs are affected – which makes it nearly impossible for him to stand on his own. At Variety, however, we don’t believe in impossible. So, we provided Ben with a stander to make it possible for him to stand.

Why is it important for Ben to stand up? Outside of having a new way to view the world, there are many health reasons that Ben needs a stander, one of which is avoiding painful, expensive surgery. Ben’s hip joints are not developing properly and are being pushed out of his hip sockets. He has already had one surgery to correct this in one hip, and his parents hope to avoid putting him through another one.

“Being able to have time in the stander each day helps keep that hip in proper alignment and lessens the chance of us looking at the surgery again down the road,” explains Ben’s mom, Michelle.

The family’s insurance, however, will not cover the cost of a stander and other vital equipment, such as bath seats and ramps. That’s why Variety has stepped in to make sure that Ben receives the tools he needs.

“Variety is amazing in how they are able to assist us in covering what our insurance does not and allowing us to provide Ben with the ability to do more each day and to be more comfortable and happier in his own home,” says Michelle. “Variety’s help takes the stress from us in figuring out how we’re going to pay for another piece of equipment that might cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.”

Michelle would also like to thank Variety’s supporters for giving so generously to help local children with disabilities.

“Your generosity continues to make all of this possible for children like my Ben,” Michelle says. “When your child is given a diagnosis like this, it is life changing. You feel like the earth has been pulled out from under you and it's hard to know where to go or what to do to get your child everything they need. Sometimes it is a very lonely and scary road to navigate. But knowing that there are compassionate and caring folks out there who are willing and able to donate to Variety gives me hope and helps me feel less alone.”

Click here if you’d like to give today to continue to make the impossible, possible for Variety Kids. Thank you!