Fun Isn’t a Stretch for Madi

Variety Teen Madi smiles while wearing a face mask and sitting in her doctor's office. She is being fitted for her new stretching braces by a doctor, who is holding the brace on her foot.

Variety Teen Madi is very busy and active. She likes to do a ton of activities, many with Variety the Children’s Charity of St. Louis. Madi attends Teen Camp every summer, participates in our Variety Theatre program and also joins in during various social group outings, among others.

So, it’s safe to say that she knows how to have fun!

Madi does need a little help when it comes to walking. She uses ankle foot orthotics (AFOs) to keep her steady on her feet, making it possible for her to be independent and experience as much freedom as possible.

Lately, however, Madi has been having difficulties with the way her AFOs are fitting. They have become uncomfortable, and they are also causing arch pain in her feet.

To help with this discomfort, Madi recently received a new pair of stretching braces with help from Variety St. Louis. These braces will help stretch her muscles so that her feet will sit more comfortably in her AFOs instead of popping up, which can make it difficult for Madi to walk. Stretching regularly using the braces will also help ease her foot pain.

In all, the stretching braces will ensure that Madi is able to stay on her feet and keep having fun!

Madi is very thankful for these stretching braces, which were provided through Variety’s Durable Medical Equipment program. This program helps St. Louis-area kids and teens – like Madi – access the tools they need to engage with their world. Learn more about it, and how you can either get or give help, here.