Lyn’Den Enjoys her Freedom

Variety Teen Lyn'Den smiles big while relaxing in her bike trailer that is being pulled by her sister on a family bike ride.

When the sun shines, you can bet Variety Teen Lyn’Den and her family are outside and on the move. They love hiking, biking, camping – you name it, they’ve probably done it.

Until recently, however, Lyn’Den hasn’t been able to join her family on all of these escapades. She faces various challenges, including mobility and a vision impairment, that often require assistive devices like a wheelchair. While functional, this wheelchair doesn’t give her the freedom she needs to explore the world the way she wants to see it.

Enter the Benecykl. This super cool piece of equipment is a jogging stroller and bicycle trailer in one! Variety has provided Lyn’Den with a Benecykl of her own so that she can achieve the freedom and independence she desires.

“Being a fit and active family in the past meant leaving Lyn’Den behind for hikes, bike rides, walks, and camping, just to name a few,” says Lyn’Den’s mom, Jessica. “Since having the Benecykl, we have been more than blessed to include Lyn’Den in all of our family adventures.”

Now, Lyn’Den doesn’t have to sit on the sidelines. She can get out and enjoy the outdoors and the sunshine, all with a huge smile on her face.

Jessica is extremely grateful to Variety and our supporters for making it possible for her family to have access to the Benecykl. It goes beyond just getting Lyn’Den outside – it makes her feel a part of the family again.

“Having the assistance of Variety has been such a blessing and has added so much value to Lyn’Den’s life,” she says.

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