Lincoln Sleeps Safe Wherever He Goes

Variety Kid Lincoln is constantly on the move. While this can be fun during the day, he recently started roaming his house at night instead of sleeping in his room. Because he is only four years old, his parents have been worried for his safety.

“He was climbing baby gates and opening doors,” says Bryca, Lincoln’s mom. “We ended up having him sleep with us every night so we could keep him safe.”

All of this worrying was affecting Bryca and her husband’s sleep as well. In fact, they haven’t slept much at all since Lincoln was born, and it has only been getting worse. And these worries increase even more when the family travels, or Lincoln stays the night away from his parents.

To help ease Lincoln’s family’s fears, and get them all some much-needed sleep, Variety has provided them with a Safety Sleeper. This fully enclosed bed system keeps Lincoln secure at night, while also promoting healthy sleeping habits and reducing visual stimulation so that he gets the rest that is so important. And so do his parents!

What makes this bed even more awesome is the fact that it is fully portable – it comes with its own air mattress and suitcase to make it easy to transport. This way, Lincoln can continue to sleep safe and sound on family vacations, or while at another caretaker’s home.

“This bed has allowed us peace of mind because we know that he is now safe,” says Bryca. “Without Variety’s assistance, however, it would have been nearly impossible for us to purchase a bed such as this.”

Although a doctor had prescribed the Safety Sleeper to Lincoln, his family’s insurance denied coverage, saying it wasn’t a necessity.

“We had started a savings fund for the bed, but it would have taken a very long time and he needs the bed now,” Bryca adds. “Thankfully, Variety was able to provide it for us right away – it is a huge lifesaver!”

Lincoln’s Safety Sleeper was provided through Variety’s Durable Medical Equipment program. Learn more about this program here.