Variety Theatre Tech Tuesday - Lighting Designer Interns

Each week leading up to Variety Theatre 2019, we’ll be marking “Tech Tuesday” with a special spotlight on this year’s Variety Theatre Interns. These interns will partner with a theatre professional to work behind the scenes, bringing the magic of Mary Poppins to the stage.

Variety Theatre’s lighting designer interns work closely with Variety Theatre Lighting Designer Nathan Scheuer and his team to help create the overall look of the show. They learn about everything from spotlights to lighting an entire scene, including observing how it all comes together during the show itself.

This year’s lighting designer interns are Zacchaeus and Variety Teen Jonathan.

Zacchaeus is excited to learn new things and believes that Variety Theatre will help him as he works toward deciding on a profession – he hopes to be an engineer and loves to work with technology, making this intern position a perfect fit.

When asked what he is most looking forward to as an intern, Zacchaeus says, “I’ll get to see things from a different point of view. It will teach me how to work behind the scenes of a play, which is something I’ve always wanted to do.”

Outside of theatre, Zacchaeus’ hobbies include singing, dancing, reading, building and writing.

This is Variety Teen Jonathan’s second year as a Variety Theatre intern, and it is also his second year in this position! Jon loved his time with the lighting professionals, and is thrilled to work with them again.

“I learned a lot,” says Jon.

Jon believes that being a Variety Theatre intern will help him find more roles in the theatre world, saying, “I want to be able to work behind-the-scenes in other theatre performances.”

Beyond theatre, Jon enjoys bowling and playing basketball with his teams. He also loves to create YouTube videos!

You can see Zacchaeus and Jon’s hard work on the stage this October 18 – 27 during Variety Theatre’s 2019 production, Mary Poppins. Tickets are available now!