Lenora Has a New Haven

Kids often think of their rooms as a safe and comfortable space, a place where they can relax and sleep without worries. Until recently, this was not the case for Lenora.

Lenora has extremely low muscle tone and has a difficult time staying in bed on her own. She often rolls out of bed and is unable to get back in, or becomes lodged painfully between the mattress and the frame until someone can move her. But, because she is twelve years old, a crib is out of the question. 

Christie, Lenora’s mom, shares that she has tried everything, including various pop-up tents that fit on top of Lenora’s bed, but nothing seemed to work. They had heard of specially designed beds made for kids like Lenora, but knew that they were expensive. And that their insurance wouldn’t cover it. Christie and her husband also thought about building their own bed for their daughter, but they were worried about the risk factors behind a homemade bed.

Finally, Christie heard about Variety. She reached out to us and asked what we could do, and we helped provide a Haven bed for Lenora.

This bed zips up around Lenora, giving her a comfortable space to relax. Christie says that Lenora knows she’s safe, because it is soft on the inside and it is impossible for her to flip it over or get herself caught, unlike other beds she has tried. Lenora is also easily over-stimulated, so the bed provides a sense of security when she’s trying to rest, like a true “Haven.”

But this bed isn’t just helping Lenora; it’s helping her whole family.

“We sleep better at night,” says Christie. “I know she’s going to be fine, and that she won’t get stuck. I also know that she can’t get out of bed and injure herself by falling down our stairs.”

Christie also shares that this bed is probably the second-most expensive thing her family owns, and she wants to express her gratitude to Variety’s supporters.

“We’ve met road blocks in all of the other assistance we’ve tried to get,” says Christie, “So we really appreciate Variety and your donors for helping us get the bed for Lenora.”

If you’d like to support Variety Kids like Lenora, go to HelpAVarietyKid.org.