Lars's Every Day PossAbilities

Variety Kid Lars takes a step up with the help of his physical therapist and Variety's TherHappy Kids program.

Imagine if all you wanted to do was play, but you couldn’t even take a step. And if you tried to share your story, but no one could understand you when you spoke. Or if you dreamed of enjoying your favorite meal, but you couldn’t taste it.

These are all challenges that Variety Kid Lars was born with.

Walking, talking, and eating are basic functions that many people expect to be able to do every day. But doctors prepared Lars’s mom, Katie, for the possibility that he would never be able to walk independently, speak intelligibly or eat with his mouth.

Lars, however, had a different plan.

“Lars showed me early on that he was not going to be limited by any diagnosis or expectation, so I followed his lead,” says Katie.

To conquer his challenges, Lars would need a lot of physical, occupational and speech therapy. And Katie knew that he would need much more than what their insurance company would cover.

That was when Katie reached out to Variety the Children’s Charity of St. Louis. Through our TherHappy Kids program, we have provided Lars with access to the therapy he needs to achieve his everyday abilities.

“Variety changed everything,” Katie says.

Today, at five years old, Lars isn’t just walking – he’s running, jumping, playing, using stairs, and riding an adaptive bike. He also loves to talk, and eating is one of his very favorite things to do. Plus, Katie shares that she has also seen Lars become more included, which has increased his independence and confidence.

 “Lars has proven that, when given the right support and opportunities, kids born with challenges can thrive,” says Katie. “The amazing gift of help from Variety and their supporters makes it possible for Lars to live life to the best of his abilities every day.”

Without supporters like you, children with disabilities would not be able to access the therapy they need to conquer their challenges. Please give now so that more Variety Kids like Lars can achieve their Every Day PossAbilities. Donate by May 16 and your gift will be matched by the Steward Family Foundation for double the impact!

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