Keeping Up with Alexander

Alexander’s favorite animal is a cheetah. Why? Because he is fast like one.

We recently hung out with Alexander at his favorite playground, where he showed us how he can run, jump, climb and play. He was moving so quickly that it was difficult to keep up!

And if it weren’t from the flames peeking out of the sides of his shoes you wouldn’t even know Alexander was wearing orthotics to help him move.

This is five-year-old Alexander’s fourth pair of AFO orthotics – the first provided with assistance from Variety – because he just keeps growing. He needs the orthotics to help correct his bilateral clubfeet, which he has had since before he was born.

Alexander’s mom, Monica, shared that she first found out about Alexander’s clubfeet in his 20-week ultrasound. And, although she was prepared for it mentally, finding funding for his orthotics has been an issue with their insurance plan.

She is thrilled that Variety has stepped in to help provide this pair, saying that they are extremely important to him, and to her. They are hoping that the use of orthotics will prevent an extensive and painful surgery.

Monica also adds that Alexander is never upset about wearing the orthotics because he knows they help him.

“With the orthotics, he’s just a regular boy,” says Monica.

And that’s what Variety is all about – providing necessary medical equipment, therapy and programs so that kids with special needs, like Alexander, can just be kids. You can learn more about our durable medical equipment program, and how to get help, here.