Keaton’s First Fishing Trip

You might remember a story we posted about Superhero Keaton a couple of months ago (click here to read it). He received a stroller from Variety St. Louis that was helping him go so many places with his family.

Keaton is a strong kid, fighting spina bifida and hydrocephalus one surgery at a time. His doctors have often said that Keaton might not survive, and he refuses to give in.

But even superheroes need a break!

Recently, Keaton and his family took a much-needed pause and headed down to the water for Keaton’s very first fishing trip. He was able to sit right at the edge of the water, thanks to his stroller from Variety. Having such easy access to the water made it possible for Keaton to fish independently, and he even made a catch!

Judging by the grin on Keaton’s face in these photos, we’re guessing this will be the first of many fishing trips for Keaton and his stroller. Thank you to all of our supporters who made this moment possible for Keaton!