Kaci Wheels Off to Class

Kaci hopes to give back one day by working in Human Resources for a non-profit agency. To reach that dream, she is currently majoring in Organizational Leadership at Maryville University. Her new power wheelchair, which she received with assistance from Variety, is helping her navigate campus.

The new power chair offers a wide range of features that make life and school a little easier for Kaci. This chair features a better, more comfortable seating system, with a tilt and recline feature that alleviates her back pain. Backpack hooks on the chair keep her food pump secure, making it possible for Kaci to get her nutrition even when she is on the go. Headlights make it safer for her to navigate parking lots and cross streets at night, and the built-in USB charger ensures that her iPad is always ready to record a lecture or write a paper.

Kaci’s favorite thing about the new chair, however, is the seat elevator. This feature, which is not covered by insurance, was made possible by Variety and our donors. The seat elevator not only helps Kaci access things on her own, it also raises her up so that she is at eye-level with her peers. This is perfect for day-to-day conversations, as well as for speeches and presentations in her classes and, eventually, the workplace. Although this may seem trivial to some, it helps Kaci feel not only independent, but also seen.

Equipment like power chairs is often crucial for the day-to-day life of many of our Variety Kids and Teens. These pieces of equipment, combined with the therapies and programs that Variety provides, can make a big difference in helping youth like Kaci reach their full potential. Kaci herself has also taken part in our programs over the years. These included Variety Children’s Theatre and Variety Children’s Chorus, through which she lent her talents to multiple performances while also growing and learning along the way.

“We are forever thankful for you, Variety,” exclaims Laura, Kaci’s mom.

And we are thankful that we are able to serve families like Kaci’s. Thank you to Ameren PowerKids for helping numerous Variety Kids, like Kacie, receive power wheelchairs. If you’re interested in helping a Variety Kid, click here.