Justin Can Finally Relax

Variety Kid Justin’s mom, Arica, recently sent us these photos of him sitting in his brand new PPOD chair and we think his smile says it all – he loves it!

Justin is unable to stand or sit without support, which means it is difficult for him to sit comfortably while spending time with his family. He had been using a toddler rocker and, when he outgrew that, he resorted to lying on the floor.

With this new PPOD, provided with help from Variety, Justin is able to not only sit up with the right support, he is able to sit comfortably for the first time in a long time. It is the first lounge chair that is suited to his size, and he loves using it to watch movies, play games and just relax with his family. 

When asked why having Variety’s assistance in getting the PPOD for her son is so important, Arica says, “Specialized equipment is a huge expense. Justin doesn’t get any benefits from other resources, so this was very helpful!”

Thank you to our supporters who help us empower Variety Kids like Justin to better engage with their world through equipment! You can learn more about our durable medical equipment program here.