Justice Doesn’t Have to Stay Behind

For a long time, Justice had to stay behind when her friends and family took bike rides around the neighborhood. Her mobility challenges made it difficult for her to ride a bike of her very own, and she had outgrown various bike hitches and trailers.

This all changed for Justice when she received a therapeutic bike built just for her at Variety’s Bikes for Kids 2019.

Justice’s new bike, created by Creative Mobility, features a seat with a seatback and seatbelt that keep her safe, while larger pedals with straps secure her feet during her ride. The bike also has steering capabilities so that her family can guide her safely when needed. Combined, these adaptations make it possible for Justice to experience riding a bike for the first time.

“This bike lets Justice do all the things she sees other kids do,” says Shauntrese, Justice’s mom.

“I can’t wait to see my child ride HER BIKE on HER STREET with the rest of the neighborhood kids,” Shauntrese continues. “Thank you for giving my Justice this opportunity!”

Beyond the bike, Variety also recently provided Justice with a much-needed stroller. While Justice can walk short distances, she gets tired very quickly and her feet are too painful to move, so she was often unable to enjoy herself at places or events that require a lot of walking.

Now, with the combination of the bike and the stroller, Justice will never have to stay behind again!

“Variety has helped my child in more ways than words can say,” says Shauntrese.

Learn more about this year’s Bikes for Kids event, and find more photos, here.