Josh Switches it Up

Variety Kid Josh sits in his new PPod chair, which is red and padded to provide him with comfort and stability. He has a big grin on his face and is also using a Paw Patrol blanket.

Think about how many places you sit throughout the day. When you wake up, do you head to the couch to watch the morning news? To eat meals, do you sit on a chair at the kitchen table? At work or school, do you sit on a desk chair? In the evening, when it’s time to relax, do you kick back in the recliner?

Now, imagine doing all of these activities – and more – in the same seat. Not only that, but this seat is built for stability and mobility, not for comfort. That’s the case for many wheelchair users, like Variety Kid Josh.

Luckily for Josh and other people with mobility challenges, there are now chairs that offer both the comfort and stability they need to relax independently at home. Insurance, however, does not often cover the cost of these seats. But that’s what Variety St. Louis is for!

Recently, Variety provided Josh with a PPod chair. This chair gives Josh a much more comfortable seating option – before, he had a choice between his wheelchair and an uncomfortable cube chair. Now, he can switch things up!

Josh uses his PPod to eat or drink outside of the kitchen, watch TV, play on his iPad and much more. This has become especially useful during the pandemic as Josh is spending more free time at home.

Without Variety, however, this PPod would not have been a possibility for Josh and his family.

“It can’t be overstated – providing these types of things that are not covered by insurance is what we rely on Variety most for,” says Rachel, Josh’s mom. “When a chair like this costs a few thousand dollars, it’s normally out of budget for us.”

In addition to the PPod, Variety has assisted Josh’s family with multiple pieces of vital medical equipment, including a power wheelchair, a communication device, a bath chair, a stander, a van lift and much more. Josh has also received physical therapy thanks to Variety’s TherHappy Kids program, and he has attended Adventure Camp.

“Knowing that Variety comes alongside our family to make stuff like this possible has been amazing for Josh over the years,” Rachel says.

Want to learn more about how we help local children with disabilities like Josh? Check out our How We Help page!