Josh Stands for Fun

Variety Kid Josh needs a little help from time to time. He uses a wide range of equipment to stay active and mobile, including a power wheelchair, a therapeutic bike, walkers and more. His newest piece of equipment, however, may be his favorite.

That’s because this EasyStand stander allows him to do so much more than ever before. He can now sit at the table with his family to eat his favorite snack – applesauce. Before, he and his parents had to sit on the floor.

Josh also now stands to play catch, and even enjoys coloring while standing, among a range of activities. The doctors recommend that Josh stand in it for at least two hours a day – but that’s no problem for him when it’s this fun.

Standing for this amount of time is crucial as Josh, who is seven years old, grows. It helps lengthen and strengthen his legs, especially his knees, which has been a challenge in the past. The stander also helps increase bone density and circulation, and standing and stretching ensures his organs stay healthy and grow with him. Josh has a stander at school, but having this EasyStand at home allows him to continue his progress in the evenings and on weekends.

But, even with all of these benefits, insurance wouldn’t cover this new stander. Luckily, Variety and our supporters were able to step in and get it for him.

“It mind boggles me that insurance doesn’t cover it,” says Rachel, Josh’s mom. “It is probably the most important thing we have.”

We are so happy that we are able to help provide this important piece of equipment, and others, for Josh and other Variety Kids. If you’re interested in donating to continue this mission, please visit