Joseph Keeps on Growing

We sometimes get asked the question, “Why do you help children from birth to 21?” Our answer: “Because kids grow.”

Variety Kid Joseph is a prime example of this. When we first met him, Joseph was just 6 months old. We learned about his story and how, due to complications at birth, he had both of his legs amputated shortly after he was born.

At that time, we provided Joseph with a helmet to help reshape his head after months on his back in the hospital, and prosthetics to keep his hips and legs in proper alignment so that he could one day use prosthetic legs.

When he was just over a year old, Joseph received his first pair of prosthetic legs. Since then, he has received multiple new pairs as he continues to outgrow them.

And now, Joseph is about to turn 2! He recently received a new walker from Variety to help him as he continues to learn to walk using his prosthetic legs. The walker is also making it possible for him to get around easier on his own.

“His walker has helped him build his confidence so much that he will let go and take a few steps,” says Deonna, Joseph’s mom.

Not long after receiving the walker, Joseph also brought home a new pair of prosthetic legs, also thanks to help from Variety. He had once again outgrown his old pair and was thrilled to have a pair that fit.

“He was so happy when he saw the legs and took off walking immediately (after putting them on), even as his prosthetist was in the process of telling me there may be an adjustment period of a few days,” says Deonna with a laugh. “He looked at Joseph and said, ‘Well, maybe just a few minutes!’”

Beyond this vital equipment, Joseph is also receiving assistance with physical therapy through Variety’s TherHappy Kids program. At therapy, Joseph works on building strength, balance and new skills, such as sitting and standing, so that he can increase his independence even more.

Without Variety, Joseph may not have access to the tools he needs to walk, play and just be a kid. With the help of our supporters, we are making it possible for him to be more mobile and have more freedom as he gets older.  

“There are not enough words to express how much Variety has impacted our lives by providing the necessary equipment and services to improve Joseph’s quality of life,” says Deonna.

And we plan to continue to do so as Joseph continues to grow.