Jackson is On the Go

Families with multiple children can get very busy – with everything from school to sports to just hanging out at the park, days fill up quickly.

But schedules and outings get even more complicated when one child has limited mobility.

That was the case with Jackson and his family. Jackson has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and epilepsy, and is in need of a wheelchair to stay mobile. The wheelchair itself, while a fantastic piece of equipment, is bulky and heavy, making getting Jackson out of the house inconvenient, at best.

Instead of leaving Jackson at home, however, his mom, Jennifer, was determined to find another alternative. Jackson had a small stroller that he had grown out of, but she remembered how much easier it was to transport him in it versus the wheelchair.

So, Jennifer reached out to Variety to see if we could provide a new, easily transportable stroller. And she and her family are so thankful that Variety and our supporters were able to help.

With his new stroller, Jackson can roll right up to the field to watch his siblings’ games. He is also able to go with his family to the Zoo, to the mall and to the local park. The stroller is so portable and collapsible, Jackson can now ride in the family car instead of always needing the van, another thing that makes coordinating this family’s busy schedule just a little easier.

And this isn’t the first time Variety has helped make life a little less complicated for Jackson and his family. Through Variety, Jackson has also received a car seat, a communication application for his tablet, a Sleep Safe bed, his first stroller and more.

When asked what her family would do without Variety, Jennifer says, “I have no idea – he definitely wouldn’t have the equipment he has.”

Because of the severity of Jackson’s seizures, Jennifer has not been able to work since he was born. As a one-income family, covering just one piece of equipment can be difficult, but Jennifer shares that it isn’t easy to ask for help.

 “But knowing that Variety has donors who are willing to give that help means a lot,” Jennifer continues.

If you’d like to donate to help kids like Jackson by making their lives a little easier, visit HelpAVarietyKid.org.